WFPF Young Professionals Certification

A Master Class For Parkour practitioners 8-15 years of age taught by visiting elite WFPF athletes.

The WFPF Certification Program

Created by the world-renowned athletes of the World Freerunning Parkour Federation, the WFPF Certification Program was carefully developed to encourage the creative, grass-roots nature of Parkour, while also establishing safe practices and a common vocabulary of movement for the progressive instruction of Parkour to students of all ages.  The only Parkour certification developed in partnership with a major insurance underwriter, the WFPF Certification is the gold standard for the safe and practical instruction of Parkour by instructors age 16 years or older.

What is the WFPF Young Professional Certification?

Created as a preparatory workshop for parkour athletes 8-15 years of age who envision a future in the world of Parkour whether it be teaching or participating in competitions, the WFPF Young Professional Certification allows younger practitioners to spend a full day learning from the best in a professional setting. The one-day intensive covers the same rigorous curriculum taught in a WFPF Level 1 adult Certification, while keeping the particular needs of the young student in mind.   

Under the direction of WFPF Master trainer and Certification Director, Robbie Corbett, the WFPF Young Professional Certification is taught by WFPF Elite athletes, many of them stunt professionals, veterans of MTV's Ultimate Parkour Challenge and American Ninja Warrior, and champions of Red Bull Art of Motion, each accomplished teachers in their own right.  Whoever the instructor, the goal is always to keep the certification fun, safe, rigorous, and informative while ensuring the continued growth of parkour as a transformational discipline.

Where and when are WFPF Young Professional Certification workshops held?

The One Day Young Professional Certification can be held as a stand-alone, or in conjunction with a WFPF four-day LEVEL 1/2 or Level 3 Certification, currently scheduled on a monthly basis at host gyms around the world. Contact us to see how your facility can apply to HOST a WFPF Level 1/2, 3 or Young Professional Certification.  Or click here to see upcoming certifications already scheduled.

Who attends WFPF Young Professional Certifications?

Young Parkour practitioners, ages 8-15*, who have shown commitment and a love for Parkour and who are ready to take their practice to the next level, expand their knowledge and skills, and gain valuable insight from a Parkour professional.
*Classes may be split into two groups, ages 8-11 and 12-15

How much does a WFPF Young Professional Certification cost?

The price for the one-day intensive is $150.  Please contact us to inquire about group rates.

What are the benefits of WFPF Young Professional Certification?

  • Higher Skill Levels achieved
  • Increased confidence
  • Team building and leadership experience
  • A Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing
  • 1 year free WFPF/USAP Membership, with a virtual photo i.d. sent by email, entitling the bearer to participate in all age appropriate WFPF competitions. 
  • WFPF Young Professional Tee Shirt
  • Monthly Newsletter

Interested in hosting a Certification?

Here are the basic criteria for approval as a host gym:

  • For Level 1/2 Certifications, host gyms must provide sufficient space over a four day period in exchange for one free scholarship. For Level 3 or the Young Professional Certification, one full day of sufficient space must be provided.
  • For all Certifications, host gyms must have or have immediate access to the following equipment in good working order: trampoline, lache bars, slant wall, vault boxes, open floor space.  
  • In partnership with WFPF, host gyms are expected to help market and register students for the Certification so that at least 10 paying students are signed up (with a non-refundable deposit) two weeks prior to the workshop.
  • Host gyms are encouraged to find housing for 1 or 2 WFPF instructors, in lieu of which a housing allowance may be paid.
  • Gyms are encouraged to host certifications immediately before or after holding a WFPF Sanctioned Competition to increase enrollment for the Certification.

For more information or to inquire about hosting a WFPF Certification or Sanctioned Competition at your facility, please contact us at

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