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We are USA Parkour and our mission is to spread the responsible practice of Parkour by offering membership services including peak enrollment insurance coverage to Gymnastics, Tumbling, Ninja and Tag facilities who share our vision of Parkour as a progressive discipline and philosophy that positively influences the lives of its practioners, inspiring and enabling them to overcome the obstacles in their lives.

USAP Gym Membership Benefits

USAP Instructor Benefits

  • Experience a 3-day WFPF certification taught by Master Trainers that expands participants’ knowledge of parkour
  • Authorization to become an insured instructor at USAP gyms
  • Access to gyms looking for Certified Parkour instructors



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DISCLAIMER: USA Parkour is not a licensed insurance broker, but rather can offer comprehensive parkour coverage under our umbrella policy to any Certified USA Parkour Gym as a benefit of membership.