USAP Gym Overview

In order to enjoy USAP insurance and other USAP gym benefits, gyms must apply to become a USAP member gym.

Some USAP member gyms started just a short time ago with less than 20 Parkour students and now have growing rosters of 200 and more.

Parkour can be taught at any gymnastics facility with little or no start up costs utilizing existing equipment, floor space, and gymnastics instructors.

Other facilities interested in being a “Parkour-only gym”, or adding a parkour area to an existing fitness center will be eligible for comprehensive and affordable insurance coverage, as well as consultation, gym design, recommendations and special deals on equipment, and other business advice.

Let us help you become a part of this exciting movement.

Start the process of becoming a USAP Gym now by clicking here


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DISCLAIMER: USA Parkour is not a licensed insurance broker, but rather can offer comprehensive parkour coverage under our umbrella policy to any Certified USA Parkour Gym as a benefit of membership.