High Exposure- New Jersey, Jan. 16th-18th

This Certification/Event is currently not confirmed until we hit minimum enrollment. Any deposits will be returned if minimum is not met 2 weeks prior to start date.

16th. 9am-1pm (1 hr. Break) 2pm-4pm "Parkour" 

17th. 9am-noon (1 hr. Break) 1pm-4pm "Freerunning"  

18th. 9am-noon (1 hr. Break) 1pm-4pm "Testing"

We are very excited to add you to the list of over 900 WFPF Instructors from around the world! We will be covering beginner Parkour skills - advanced Freerunning moves at the 4 key events we teach from:





also I have added a link to a video from one of our previous certifications just to help you get an idea of the overall experience.

Certification Video:       https://youtu.be/zuU7BwyVyG4?list=PLJX8qaz1mKjAek20Od5iIfQIZo09--9TH



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