Naro Parkour, CA. Sept 14th-16th 2019

This Certification/Event is currently not confirmed until we hit minimum enrollment. Any deposits will be returned if minimum is not met 2 weeks prior to start date.


14th. 9am-1pm (1 hr. Break) 2pm-6pm "Parkour Curriculum" 

15th. 9am-noon (1 hr. Break) 1pm-4pm "Freerunning Curriculum"  

16th. 9am-noon (1 hr. Break) 1pm-4pm "Testing"


  • Limited spaces available; registration is first come first served
  • Please note that previously indicating interest to Naro Parkour Academy does not reserve you a spot.
  • Online registration and payment is required to guarantee your space in the course.

Registration Deadline:  September 7th, 2019 (must make a deposit)

What to expect:

  • This is a hands-on course. Please wear athletic clothing and be prepared to move!
  • The physical assessment portion is to allow the World Freerunning Parkour Federation (WFPF) master trainers to see how comfortable the group is with movement and basic parkour skills.
  • Having participants physically learn and try the skills and progressions throughout the certification course also provides an opportunity for participants to identify errors and help to correct them.
  • If for any reason you are unable to physically participate in the course, please note that certification is still possible - the trainers are primarily looking for your ability to confidently and competently teach the material.
  • For more details follow link:

What you will receive:

  • On day 1: Curriculum Booklets 
  • Upon successful completion: electronic Certificate and WFPF coach ID*

What to wear:

             Comfortable, athletic clothing.

What to bring:

  • Water, a notebook and pen, copy of the course handouts  (print or electronic).
  • The course handouts will be e-mailed to all registered participants a few days before the course start date.

*Renewal fee is currently $50 US per annul. 


We are very excited to add you to the list of over 900 WFPF Instructors from around the world!

We will be covering beginner Parkour skills - advanced Freerunning moves at the 4 key events we teach from:





-Trampoline (not at this certification) 

also an added link to a video from one of our previous certifications just to help you get an idea of the overall experience.

Certification Video:

and here is a link showcasing the hosting gym

Naro Parkour Video:


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